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Frontend Technologies
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, Analytics, Accessibility, Search Engine Optimization and more
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Backend Technologies
Node, Express, Next, GraphQL, MEAN, MERN, JAM, Java, Server, Serverless, CMS, CDN, Search Engine, Cloud and more
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Data Management
SQL, NoSQL, MQL, SOQL, Caching, Mongo, Cosmos, Dynamo, Cassandra, Redis, Kafka, Grafana, Kibana and more
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Engineering Certifications
Frontend, Backend, Database, Fullstack, TDD and more
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Architecture Certifications
UI, UX, Wireframe, Scafolding, Server, ENV, CICD, NFR and more
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Management Certifications
SDLC, Agile, Scrum, WBS, Planning, Grooming, Estimtion, Assignment, Sprint, Backlog, Risk and more
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Software Designs and Solutions
Design, Develop, Build, Deploy, Test
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Pray From Home
Humanity, Spirituality, Social Service
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Puja From Home
Sanatan, Vedic, Hindu Rituals