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Palash Debsharma
Principal - Software Engineers & Architects
The reach of software application is at every corner of our life. Starting from entertaining social media to critical banking applications, software embraced everything. Now is the time when we all should spend some time leaning software with applications.
Software Engineers and Arcitects aim to deliver quality software study materials though various channels. Software Design, Development, Build, Deployment, Tranformation, Migration, Sales, Marketing are some of the main topics to be covered in the training materials.
Software Engineers and Architects provide free software training to all willing and needful, Puja From Home perform rituals on behalves of subscribers for free, Pray From Home supports poor children with food and study materials.
Your donation is very important for the charitable projects run by Software Engineers and Architects. Free software education to all willing and needful, free spiritual and social services require your love and support.
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